Purchase and Delivery


Our store was developed so that you can make the purchase in the easiest, fastest and most objective way. Our books are made to make you renew your mind, and of course, learn and be fun.

1st Step: Choosing the Product (s)



To find a product you want through navigation, just click on the appropriate category in the side menu on the "Books" page; then choose a subcategory and finally choose the product you want, you can also facilitate your search using the navigation filters on the left side of the product screen, after choosing the category.


If you want to search for a specific product, using the characteristics or model, just use the search bar, located at the top and bottom of the site. The most relevant products will be listed as a result of the search.

2nd Step: Adding to Cart

When choosing the product, just click on the button "add to cart. Your product will be added to your shopping cart. In this step, you can continue shopping and add more items to the cart, or complete the purchase, define the logistical and promotional details of your product accessing the right side menu that will appear and then clicking on "view cart" you can:

- Define the quantity of products

- You can delete an unwanted product

- Calculate the cost of shipping

- Insert a promotional coupon

If you choose to choose other products, you will return to the store. To add another product to the cart, simply repeat the previous step. The quickest way for you to know what you have in your cart at the moment is to access the link that has the name "My Cart" which is at the top of the page to the right of all pages.


On the shopping cart page you can calculate the shipping cost of your order. Just click the "Shipping estimate" button, put your address with zip code in the related fields and click "Update" and then all shipping options will appear with costs and delivery times above the total amount.

Removing products from your cart

3rd Step: Identification, shipping and payment

When defining your shopping cart, just click on “check out”. You will be taken to the identification page. Create or login to your account or enter your details to finish.

NOTE: the information provided is for exclusive use to perform order analysis, issue invoices and to contact the customer, and are not provided to third parties.

After identifying yourself, you must confirm the delivery address of the products. Our store allows you to register more than one delivery address for your orders.

To use the registration address for delivery click on “Use the same address”.

If you choose to enter a new shipping address for your order, simply fill out the form and click the "Save and use this address" button. You can also edit an existing address or delete it.

When setting the delivery address, you will be asked to choose the delivery service. Evaluate the value and delivery time and choose the one that best suits your need.

And then you will see all the payment options available in the store:

Credit card

We have several credit card options for our customers. You must choose one of the options, enter the card information and choose the payment condition.

Bank slip

You also have the option to pay with a bank slip for payment (only for cash purchases), for this, choose the payment method "Mercado Pago".

Deposit or Bank Transfer

If you want to take advantage of the 5% discount and have access to your bank over the internet, just select the deposit or bank transfer option. Then your order will be finalized with a 5% discount and you will have 7 days to make the payment in one of our accounts. We kindly ask that as soon as you make the deposit inform us through the contact us (deposit date, bank, amount and order number), so that we can identify the deposit and authorize the shipment of your order. Orders without payment confirmation within 7 days will be automatically canceled.

Paid Market

If you have an account at Mercado Pago, you can make your payment using the forms offered on the platform, or you can create an account to make this payment and others.


Change delivery address

After choosing the product, go through the cart, and make the identification, you must confirm the delivery address of the products. Our store allows you to register more than one delivery address for your orders.

To register a new delivery address for your order, just fill out the form and click on the button "Save and use this address". You can also edit an existing address or delete it.

Delivery services

Our deliveries are made by the Post Office, depending on the location and products. We deliver all products available for sale on the site throughout the country.

It is not possible to schedule a date and time for deliveries.

The goods can be received by third parties, such as condominium porters and family members, provided they sign the receipt of the goods.

For deliveries made by the Post Office, three attempts are made to deliver the product on consecutive business days. In the event of three unsuccessful delivery attempts, the product will be available in a post office near the place of delivery for 5 days, without being removed it is returned to our Distribution Center. For a new shipment it is necessary to pay the freight again, except in cases of failure of the Post Office.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday during business hours. (In some locations from Monday to Saturday).


The delivery time for the products may vary according to the location, the payment method chosen and the availability of the purchased product.

It is not possible to schedule a delivery, but it will take place in a maximum of 15 working days.

If you want to receive the book in advance, you can choose other shipping options, such as SEDEX or SEDEX 10,

When purchasing more than one product, they will be delivered together.

In purchases over R $ 75.00 the shipping is free, in the PAC mode - POST OFFICE

Attention: The deadline for delivery of the order is considered after its approval by the financial institution and our store, after the validation of the registration data.